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Grow Wealth and increase your Financial Independence today

We help people enjoy the benefits of passive cash flow and equity growth from owning rental property - without the headaches of being a landlord


16 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Invest


You’ve worked hard for your money. But you’re not satisfied with the low returns on your savings or the inconsistent performance of stocks and mutual funds.

Some days, it seems like the people managing your investments are the ones getting rich with your money instead of you.

Andrew Carnegie, the billionaire industrialist, once said “More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined.”  


Real estate has consistently provided the highest returns, the greatest values and the least comparable risk in the world of investments.


No matter what the stock market or the economy is doing, everyone needs a place to live. Today, approximately one out of every three people in US rent their housing. That’s 44 MILLION households, with more than 90% of them paying their rent on time.


Many financially smart people see the value in owning rental property for monthly cash flow and value appreciation but they take no action. Why not?

Here are some of the reasons we have heard. Do any of them sound familiar? •"I don’t have time to find and manage a rental property" •"I have no interest in being a landlord" •"I don’t know where to start" •"I don’t have enough money" •"It seems too complicated"


Real estate syndications provide the opportunity for individuals to invest a smaller amount of money to purchase a percentage of ownership in a larger rental property, while limiting their risk and receiving the benefit of regular income distribution and equity growth.


Instead of going it alone with a single family home or duplex, you combine your money with other like-minded investors as limited or “silent” partners in the investment under the stewardship of an experienced managing partner.


Your investment goes directly toward the ownership of a specific commercial-sized (6 units and larger) rental property. The properties are professionally managed and maintained, relieving you of all day to day responsibilities.


Unlike owning stock in a faceless company, you have one-on-one access to the management team to ask questions and get personalized attention throughout investment period.


What does your independence look like?




Letting your investment team take care of the details gives you time to focus on the things that are important to you



By investing across multiple apartment units, the cash flow from your investment is more stable and less affected by normal vacancy and turnover.



Being a limited partner shields you from the personal liability exposure you normally have as a solo owner/landlord.


About Us

Our team has been active in real estate investment since 2006.


Starting with single family, value-add investments, we expanded into historic neighborhood redevelopment, commercial/residential cash flowing investments, and mid-term furnished rentals for traveling professionals.

We are currently investing in small to mid-sized multifamily opportunities with a growing team of general partners and passive investors.

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16 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE You Invest

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