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Commercial & Residential

Managing investor expectations, defining scopes, contracting tradesmen,  and navigating local land use and historic preservation landscapes to deliver quality real estate assets with maximum return on investment

Historical Preservation and Repurposing

We envisioned and sponsored the Marshall & Day in Old Southwest neighborhood redevelopment effort, acquiring and restoring nine properties in our target revitalization area and developing a marketing campaign to attract first-time homebuyers with tax advantaged homes.

Our property investment and management company was awarded Developer of the Year 2012 and Historic Preservation Award 2013 for our revitalization efforts.

Heavy Remodeling and Structural Repairs


Our 613 8th Street project represents one of our more extreme historic repair and repurposing projects.

This video highlights the progress from day one on the project site until completion, showing the extent of the structural damage we started with through the end product we delivered for the investment partnership on this property.​

Our case study of 538 Marshall Ave is another example of making the extra quality effort to not only improve the interior layout of this 1898 home for modern living, but to respect the historical value of the exterior shell, including returning the home to the original 1898 architectural appearance.


Operations Management

We have been active in the planning. setup and operation of multiple single-asset investment businesses focused on furnished/unfurnished residential and small commercial space rental.

  • West End 416 Lofts Commercial Space Leasing

  • RNSpaces Nursing Rotation Furnished Housing


Copy of WE416-203-View-01

Multifamily Investment


Since 2017, we have been actively investing in multiple multifamily assets with a network of partners in this market space and providing private investor outreach and education.


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